Gifts for Kids for Christmas

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It's almost Christmas and time is running out to look for that special gifts. As you look for a gift, consider how the gift will help your kids grow. Below are couple of gifts that benefit for creativity, health, and fun for the kids.

Controlling Match Display with Presentation Pointer

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Running tournament can be daunting. However, having the right equipment help and make the tournament runs smoothly. A big screen or projector, a pointer, and portable tablet or ipod reduce the burden of players asking when is their next match.

Asus Vivobook Touch Screen for Running Tournament

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Looking for a simple way to run badminton tournament? Using the new Asus Vivobook Touch Screen laptop combined with badminton tournament software, running tournament will be a breeze.

YONEX Contract Players Win the Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles

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Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold 2011 was held from March 15th to 20th in Basel, Switzerland.

In the women’s singles final, Indian superstar Saina Nehwal (ARC7) won over Sung Ji Hyun by 21-13 and 21-14 and it became her first title in this year.

In mixed doubles, there are three YONEX players in the final. Denmark pair Fischer (ARC10) and Pedersen (NS9900)faced a England pair, Jenny Wallwork(VT70) and Nathan Robertson. After close first game 23-21, Nielsen and Pedersen led second game 21-14 and won the first victory of this year.

YONEX Players Win the Mixed Doubles and a Japanese Pair Wins Women's Doubles

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YONEX German Open Grand Prix Gold 2011 was held from March 1st to 6th in Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany. On the March 6th, the finals of each event were held in huge crowds. In the tournament, Japanese players showed great results in Women’s Doubles, Singles and Mixed Doubles events.